Terms and Conditions

The patient named in your Contract Confirmation has applied to Enhance Dental plan for the benefits described in the Schedule of Benefits for and on behalf of any person described in the contract and has paid or agreed to pay the appropriate premium for the level of cover selected.

This booklet along with your Schedule of Benefits describes the benefits that are Available, which attaches to and forms part of this contract. Any benefit not specified in this contract does not apply. Before undertaking any dental treatment, you should carefully read the relevant section of this booklet and your Schedule of Benefits, as these will contain specific exclusions where cover is not provided. There are also general exclusions listed in this booklet where cover is also not provided.

You should be aware that although your dentist may recommend a particular course of treatment that is dentally necessary, it does not mean that the treatment is a covered benefit under the contract. It is important, therefore, that before you undertake any treatment you carefully consider the exclusions and general exclusions and contact us if you are in any doubt as to whether it is a covered benefit under the agreement.

Enhance Dental Plans provides the benefits described in this booklet and your Schedule of Benefits during the period of contract subject to the limits of the cover and all other notes, terms, conditions and exclusions contained in this booklet.

Signed for and on behalf of Enhance Dental LTD

Sara Flanagan,
C. Director, Enhance Dental

Description of covered procedures – Benefits

The frequency limitations stated in this booklet begin on the date that the treatment is first received. The benefit frequency limitations are not determined according to your period of contract.

Your dental contract includes a pre-set schedule of dental services that are eligible for benefit by us. Other dental services may be recommended or prescribed by your dentist, which are dentally necessary, offer you an enhanced cosmetic appearance, or are more frequent than covered by us. While these services may be prescribed by your dentist and are dentally necessary for you, it may not be a dental service that is benefited by us.
You are responsible for dental services that are not covered or benefited by us. Determination of services necessary to meet your individual dental needs is between you and your dentist.

Only those services listed are covered. Enhance dental is not obliged to have specialists for all areas of dentistry to provide all types of treatments. We can only offer the discounts for the treatments that we are able to perform in the clinic.
Enhance dental reserves the right to change benefits and/or the coverage rates during the period of contract by giving thirty (30) days written notice.

Waiting periods

Please refer to your Schedule of Benefits to determine if any waiting periods apply to your contract.
Please note that if there has been a break in coverage, the waiting period shall be deemed to have commenced at the date of the new contract.

The following treatments are covered as per the benefits listed in your Schedule of Benefits, subject to the exclusions and limitations listed.
• Examination.
• Radiographs (x-rays):
• Bitewings.
• Full mouth (complete series) or panoramic.
• Dental Cleaning (Scaling and Polishing).
. Fluoride Treatment
• Scaling and polishing is a procedure carried out at a single visit to remove plaque, tartar (calculus) and stains from teeth.

Exclusions – cover is NOT provided for:
a) Cone beam CT scan, including two and three dimensional image reconstruction.
c) Periapical radiographs.
d) Case presentations, office visits and specialist consultations.
e) A Dental Cleaning (Scaling and Polishing) when carried out on the same day as Periodontal scaling and root planning, Full Mouth Debridement or Periodontal Maintenance.

Restorations (Fillings), please have in mind that a filling is only recommended when 1/3 of the structure of the tooth is in need of replacement. If a tooth cavity is too extensive alternative treatments can be offered.

Exclusions – cover is NOT provided for:
a) Intravenous conscious sedation, general anaesthesia, analgesic agents and nitrous oxide.
b) Mouth guards.
c) Services or supplies that have the primary purpose of improving the appearance of your teeth. This includes but is not limited to enamel micro abrasion, tooth whitening agents, tooth bonding and veneer covering of the teeth.
d) Repair or replacement of lost/broken/stolen appliances.

Emergency treatment does not cover treatment carried out at scheduled appointments or definitive treatments including but not limited to completed root canal treatments.
It mainly consists of prescribing the patient with medication or pacing a temporary filling to solve temporarily the emergency.

• Root canal therapy.
Exclusions – discount is NOT provided for:
a) Re-treatment or additional treatment necessary to correct treatment done by another clinic.
c) Root canal obstruction, internal root repair of perforation defects, incomplete endodontic treatment and bleaching of discoloured teeth.
d) Root amputation, apexification, retrograde filling and hemisection.

Prosthetic services (Dentures, Bridges and Implant Supported Crowns) are procedures that Enhance Dental Plans do not offer any type of benefits or discounts.

Orthodontic treatment is covered as per the benefits listed in your Schedule of Benefits, subject to the wait periods, exclusions and limitations.

Comprehensive (complete) treatment

– Full treatment includes all records, appliances and visits.

Exclusions – cover is NOT provided for:
a) Orthodontic treatment is not covered for discount if the treatment has commenced with Enhance Dental LTD, if patient has appliances placed from other clinics, the discount cannot be applied.
d) Repair or replacement of lost/broken/stolen appliances.
e) Orthodontic retention/retainer as a separate service.
f) Re-treatment or additional treatment necessary to correct or relieve the results of treatment previously discounted under this contract.
g) Provisional splinting, temporary procedures or interim stabilisation of teeth.
i) Orthodontic treatment that has commenced prior to the commencement of the Period of Insurance.

Oral Cancer

Enhance Dental does not offer any treatment related to Oral cancer as this speciality is treated only in hospitals. Any case will be referred accordingly.

Annual renewal

The annual renewal of your contract will take place annually during the month prior to the contract’s renewal date. The Enhance Dental Plans RulesTerms and Conditions with Schedule of Benefits which you receive at your renewal date will then apply to your contract. This will happen automatically by the method of payment chosen.

You have the right to cancel your policy without penalty and without giving any reason within 14 days of the date of you taking out cover or 14 days from the date you receive your contract documents, whichever is the later. This is known as the cooling off period. If you decide that you do not want to accept the contract (or any future renewal of the contract by us) tell us of your decision in writing using the contact details provided on this document within the 14 day cooling off period. We will refund the premium you have paid and will recover from you any dental benefit that we have paid.

Cancellation of cover

Your cover will cease on the earliest of the following dates: a) On the date listed on any cancellation notice confirming your contract is cancelled. b) On the date you fail to pay the required contract payments. The contract may be cancelled by us at any time if the contract holder fails to make the required premium payments or to comply with the terms of the contract. In such circumstances we will not pay any benefits for the contract term and we will seek reimbursement of the losses and expenses incurred by us as a result of your non-payment. These losses and expenses will amount to the total of (a) a breach fee of €40 to cover our administration costs and (b) the total outstanding premium due.

We reserve the right to refuse to renew the contract for any period of the term in the pursuit of our legitimate commercial aims without any obligation to give a reason.

Any documentation provided by you to us will be held and used in accordance with the Data Protection Act 2018.

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